TREE by NAKED yoyogi park, which offers an art-and-dining that was experience presented at the G7 Hiroshima Summit Social Dinner, will be offering a special holiday season plan between December 21st through 24th.


「TREE by NAKED yoyogi park fuses digital art such as VR and projection mapping with creative cuisine to deliver an art-and-dining experience with a storyline that progresses with each dish. NAKED, INC., the creative company that produced the G7 Hiroshima Summit Social Dinner held this spring, offers the same experience in this restaurant. For the first time this year, a vegan lunch plan with a special dessert plate produced by vegan chef Minori Ueda will be offered as well. The art dinner course will offer a mini bottle of wine for the holiday special. Come enjoy this holiday season with a unique art-and-dining course experience.