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Global-scale participatory art initiative DANDELION PROJECT to be exhibited at Japanese national treasure Hikone Castle - Installation on display during the nighttime event "NAKED Hikone Festival 2024: Sakura" from March 22 through March 31, 2024.

The “DANDELION PROJECT”, of which Kawajiri is a patron, will be exhibited at the Hikone Castle Special Nighttime Exhibition “NAKED Hikone Festival 2024: Sakura” held from March 22 through March 31, 2024. This particular “DANDELION PROJECT” exhibition will be showcasing artworks co-created with the children of Hikone City. Cherry blossom paintings drawn by the children will spread from the castle’s stone walls across the castle keep, delivering a magnificent display that transforms the national treasure with cherry blossom colors. This initiative between NAKED and the local community is an ongoing initiative to promote Hikone Castle towards its registration as a World Heritage site.



TREE by NAKED yoyogi park, which offers an art-and-dining that was experience presented at the G7 Hiroshima Summit Social Dinner, will be offering a special holiday season plan between December 21st through 24th.

「TREE by NAKED yoyogi park fuses digital art such as VR and projection mapping with creative cuisine to deliver an art-and-dining experience with a storyline that progresses with each dish. NAKED, INC., the creative company that produced the G7 Hiroshima Summit Social Dinner held this spring, offers the same experience in this restaurant. For the first time this year, a vegan lunch plan with a special dessert plate produced by vegan chef Minori Ueda will be offered as well. The art dinner course will offer a mini bottle of wine for the holiday special. Come enjoy this holiday season with a unique art-and-dining course experience.



First exhibition of "DANDELION PROJECT," a participatory artwork that connects the world, at the premier international art festival in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, from Wednesday, 13th December 13 2023 through Sunday, 21st January 2024.

Sharjah, known as the third largest emirate in the UAE, has a long history as the host of the annual Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival. For this 25th anniversary of the festival, artists from over 105 countries around the world were featured, including Ryotaro Muramatsu’s “DANDELION PROJECT.” The “DANDELION PROJECT” is an art initiative that aims to “plant” interactive DANDELION sculptures that digitally bloom flowers—a symbol of peace—bloom across the world. The project was launched under the title of “Breath / Bless Project” in 2020 amidst the COVID pandemic, and has been supported by Seiji Kawajiri since 2021.




Founder of the KAWAJIRI FOUNDATION, a public interest incorporated association, which offers scholarships to support university students who excel academically but have difficulty affording tuition. Kawajiri also supports the DANDELION PROJECT, an art initiative that connects locations and people around world, and has contributed to the establishment of THE GALLERY HARAJUKU. As an active new-generation gallerist, he supports artists who are leading the latest trends in the arts and culture. Guided by the principle of "making the world a better place," he is active in the fields such as education, arts & culture, food, and more.

『GLOBAL CITIZEN(グローバル・シチズン)』

GLOBAL CITIZENとは、自分の国だけでなく、世界的な視野で物事を考え、行動する人のこと。



Establishment of tHE GALLERY HARAJUKU




Begins supporting the DANDELION PROJECT art initiative

Begins supporting the art-and-gastronomy restaurant TREE by NAKED