Seiji Kawajiri

Seiji Kawajiri
Seiji Kawajiri
Seiji Kawajiri

I want to make Japan a little brighter place.

I want to save as many people as possible in the world.

I want to contribute to saving people as an investor and entrepreneur.

I think that way.

Support for medical care and education.

Development of entertainment.

I will consider what I can do for that, and realize that.

Seiji Kawajiri Profile

Born in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture in 1983.

After working as a hairstylist in Japan, he went to Philippines and worked as a hairstylist there. Then he developed real estate business and financial business in Southeast Asia.

Also, he has continuously developed activities to support pediatric care.

In recent years, he has focused on activities to invest on companies in the entertainment field and space field, and support people who can’t have education.

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Seiji Kawajiri
Seiji Kawajiri
Seiji Kawajiri
  • Kawajiri Foundation

    This foundation was established to support people who can’t have opportunities to have education due to less fortunate circumstances and young people who will lead the next generation in the future.

  • Medical assistance

  • Entertainment / Producing entertainment

Seiji Kawajiri
Seiji Kawajiri

Feelings of discouragement have changed my life.

I have worked on my business little by little.

I have not felt fulfilled at the beginning and have had a lot of feelings of discouragement.

Let me tell you how I have lived so far.

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Seiji Kawajiri
Seiji Kawajiri
Seiji Kawajiri

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