New release

World-class artwork “DANDELION,” supported by new generation gallerist Seiji Kawajiri, to be exhibited in Hong Kong Installation at the latest “NAKED FLOWERS” exhibition starting April 27th.


Seiji Kawajiri, an active new-generation gallerist that supports disciplines such as education and latest trends in the arts, is proud to announce the latest exhibition of the internationally renowned art “DANDELION” [artist: Ryotaro Muramatsu] of which he is a patron of. The artwork will be exhibited at the popular experiential art exhibition “NAKED FLOWERS Exhibition of Dancing Lights and Shadows: Hong Kong” [planned, directed, and produced by NAKED, INC.] to be held at the complex facility “1881 Heritage” in Kowloon, Hong Kong, from April 27 though October 27, 2024.

■ An international art initiative that connects the world with prayers for peace, which has been exhibited in 55 locations around the world, now coming to Hong Kong
The “DANDELION PROJECT” was started by artist Ryotaro Muramatsu in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, and is built around the concept of “planting” (installing) interactive “DANDELION” sculptures around the world to bloom digital art flowers symbolizing peace. Kawajiri has been supporting this art project since 2021 as it has been exhibited in various cities such as Paris, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Kyoto, and continues to connect with locations around the world.

The latest installment of the DANDELION will be in Hong Kong, where creative company NAKED, INC. will be exhibiting their experiential art event “NAKED FLOWERS Exhibition of Dancing Lights and Shadows: Hong Kong” at 1881 Heritage, an iconic cultural hub and popular leisure complex. The concept of this exhibition is to “touching flowers, enjoying flowers, and learning their secrets.” Through various works such as sculptures, moving images, interactive elements, aroma installations, and music that adorn the venue, visitors can enjoy an art experience of uncovering the secrets of flowers and the world of nature around us using the five senses.